We provide the Human Resource team you have always wanted for your company, without the cost of a full-time professional. Founded in 1998, we serve client organizations that are large enough to require experienced HR support, but do not require the services of a full time Human Resource professional. Clients range from start-ups with rapid expansion plans, to companies that need a more focused strategic approach to their Human Capital programs.

Frazier International provides hands-on, customer-focused Human Resource services either on an outsourced basis (retainer contract one, two or more days a week) or for specific assistance (hourly contract) in the following areas:

Managing Human Capital in challenging times– Retaining and motivating team members in periods of uncertainty is good for you, your employees, and your customers.

Talent Acquisition– Hiring great talent helps ensure the success of your company. We can help you find your talent, leaving you with more time for your business.

Employee Benefit Plans– We work with your broker to design cost-effective medical, dental. Life, 401(k) and other benefit plans.

Team Member Handbooks– Develop handbooks that support consistency throughout the organization and ensure full compliance with federal and state laws.

Performance Management Programs– Train Managers to embrace the concept of being a coach, leader and mentor to their employees. Regular feedback ensures success and no surprises.

Compensation and Incentive Rewards Programs– Research salary information to ensure competitive base salaries and incentive rewards programs that comply with new federal legislation.

Employer Sanctions Audits– We will review your Form I-9’s and Colorado forms to ensure compliance. Develop a forms retention program to comply with ICE requirements and avoid huge penalties from the federal and state governments.

HR Audits and compliance reviews– Proactively review what HR programs are in place and working; are you complying with all federal mandates?